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virgin-pulse-200x100A healthier lifestyle may be the most difficult personal improvement to undertake… all you need to do is take that first step. To start you on the path toward better fitness and weight loss, the Center for Health offers the Virgin Pulse physical activity program.

As a participant in the program, you will receive a GoZone step tracker to track your progress toward health goals and rewards. Wear the GoZone at all times and you will accrue steps when you walk, run, bike, play basketball or tennis, golf, dance or take part in other physical activities you enjoy. You can also earn HealthMiles for “active minutes”—which are recorded when your GoZone counts at least 135 steps in a minute for accelerated activity.

"HealthMiles" are the program's version of reward points, and you earn them by tracking your daily activity with your GoZone, a Polar heart rate monitor (purchased separately) or entering activities in your activity journal.

HealthMiles translate into rewards like HealthCash, health insurance premium reductions, or deposits in a health savings account—depending on what your plan sponsor offers. HealthCash can be redeemed for gift cards to popular national retailers like Target and Best Buy. You can also have the cash deposited directly and securely into your bank account.

Participation in Virgin Pulse is available to all UMC conferences, as well as to non-conference plan sponsors in the HealthFlex plan. Currently, the program is not available for individual enrollment. Contact your annual conference office or plan sponsor for more information.

Conference Staff: To learn how you can offer this program to the populations you serve, please contact the Center for Health.

Non-sponsored individuals: If your conference does not sponsor Virgin Pulse or you are not part of the eligible population but would still like to participate in Virgin Pulse, please click hereIndividuals sponsored by a UMC conference or employer program should not sign up through this process; contact your plan sponsor directly for enrollment information.

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video_icon01Virgin Pulse—Overview

video_icon01Virgin Pulse—Getting Started

GoZone Step Tracker Software

Step Tracker Software for PCs and Macs

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Note: Virgin Pulse was called Virgin HealthMiles prior to October 2013.

Virgin Pulse Physical Activity Program

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse Overview Video

Virgin Pulse Getting Started Video

Virgin Pulse Program Results

How Do I Sign Up?

HealthFlex participants: Log into HealthFlex/WebMD and click "Join Virgin Pulse."

Other VHM-sponsored conferences: Contact your conference benefits officer.

Non-sponsored individuals: Please see the information below.

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Virgin Pulse Physical Activity Program

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